Ava Mirage Wanbli


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May 2019 MFA in Film, Video, New Media, and Animation
The School of Art Institute of Chicago

Teaching Positions

2021-2023 Lecturer at the University of Illinois of Chicago

        Expanded Cinema
        Introduction to New Media
        Graduate Seminar: Media Arts in Gender and Sex

2019-2023 Lecturer at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

        Virtual Reality

Selected Performances and Exhibitions


---Sertraline Dolls, Madison Museum of Contemporary Arts, Madison, WI
---Queer Futurities, Hokin Gallery, Chicago, IL
---Soft Bodies in the Shimmering Mirage, Roots and Culture Contemporary Art Gallery, Chicago, IL 


---Midsommar Nights Dream, ClickClackClub, Chicago, IL
---Subverse, Berlin NightClub, Chicago, IL
---AutoGenesis, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH


---Sertraline Dolls Residency, Space P11 Gallery, Chicago, IL
---Sertraline Dolls, Rainbow Gallery, Cincinnati, OH 


---HotWheelz Performance Festival, LVL3 Gallery, Chicago, IL
---Performance//Proxy2, The Neon Heater, Findley, Ohio
---Switching Codes of Pleasure: Sex Work in Academia and Art, HCL, MANA Contemporary, Chicago


---Fixity Equals Death, Space P11 Gallery, Chicago, IL
---We Series, Comfort Station, Chicago , IL
---The Approach, ACRE Gallery, Chicago, IL
---IMPACT Performance Festival MFA Thesis, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, IL
---Club 2350: Building an Inclusive Sex-Positive Community, Reunion Gallery, Chicago IL Living for Love, Ohklahomo, Chicago, IL
---No Nation Art Space, Chicago, IL


---New Blood XII Performance Festival, Links Hall, Chicago, IL
---Within Receding Horizons, Sullivan Gallery, Chicago, IL Moving_Images_0:04, ACRE gallery, Chicago IL


---SuperNova Digital Animation Festival, Denver CO Access
---Code Film Festival, Bangalore, India
---Temporal Gestalt at Lee Gallery, Clemson University, South Carolina


---Miami New Media Festival, Miami, FL
---Bideodromo Film Festival at Bilbao Art Production Center, Spain
---Streetlight at Roman Susan Gallery, Chicago, IL
---Exchanges -International Exhibition of Video Art and Video Performance by La Tostadora, Ecuador and Colombia
---Athens Digital Arts Festival: Pop Apocalyptic – After Dark, Athens, Greece
---DeleteTV, London, UK
---Artfields Art Festival, Lake City, SC


2021 Make a Wave Artist by 3Arts
2018 ACRE Artist Residency
2018 OxBow Winter Merit Scholarship
2017 Dean Scholarship, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
2016 Artfields Art Festival Merit Award
2016 University of Arkansas Blanche Elliot Award


2022 New Art City Artist Residence
2021 Interior LandScape Residency at Space P11 Gallery
2020 LVL3 Gallery and HotWheelz Performance Festival
2019 MANA Contemporary New Media Artist Residency
2018 Acre Artist Residency


Sex Work In The Academy And The Art World, The Public School, Los Angeles
Switching Codes of Pleasure: Sex Work in Academia and Art, High Concept Labs at MANA
Contemporary, Chicago, IL

2022-2023 Berlin NightClub, Chicago, IL
2022-2023 WhereHaus and Hidden Ideas Productions, Chicago, IL